Hearts For Jesus Podcast

Raw and unfiltered discussion about navigating this crazy world as followers of Jesus and growing closer to God every day. 

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Latest Episode Overview: Ep. 13 - Letting Go Of Past Battles


Pastor Perry and Garrett share stories about letting go of past battles and experiencing healing from Jesus.

They also discuss how to begin to let go of past battles and move forward with freedom from the pain

Are you feeling weighed down? We know it's scary to let the memories of past battles bubble up to the surface, but we challenge you to stay with those feelings and memories, invite Jesus into them, and begin to heal so that you can move forward unrestrained by the past


The Vineyard Movement:  we have a 17 minute video that details how/where the Vineyard began and where it is going.  We show this video on week 1 of VCABQ Orientation, or see it at youtube.com/Vineyard USA History.  There are over 600 Vineyard churches in the US, and another 600 worldwide.


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