• Garrett Takach

4/15/20 My Walk With God - peace in the middle of war part 2

Peace in time of War, shared by Kasey Floyd from Philippians 4

  1. Forgiveness – two ladies

  2. Rejoice

  3. Community – let your reasonableness be known to all

  4. Prayer – pray, with supplication and thanksgiving

  5. Peace is the result [ peace that guards -- peace beyond understanding] PART TWO:  PHILIPPIANS 4:8-11        6.  Staying in peace -- focus, dwell on 8 things vs 8        7.  Remember what we have learned from teachers        8.  Practice these things to form new neural pathways        9.  Contentment = having enough, satisfied

Praying for peaceful contentment, climbing ladder of peace in wartime... Perry Floyd

PS:  please forward this to those who might also be blessed or encouraged.

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