• Garrett Takach

4/22/20 My Walk With God - great scriptures to focus on during this crisis

Brief summary of today's My Walk With God video: Fear and  conspiracy - Isaiah 8:12 The future fears about the economy PS. 20 -  Prayer for help in time of trouble, notice-- asking for others. vs. 1-4 Vs. 3 - The key to God's economy vs. the negativism about the U.S. and world economy.  Tithes and offerings are the way into God's ecosystem.  Plans for praise, vs.5 -- Another key is to thank and praise God for when we see him help others. Praise Sets the Stage! "Some trust in chariots and some trust in horses but we put our trust in the name of the Lord. " Vs. 7.  The second "trust" mentioned is the word 'zakar'  which is "to remember" in Hebrew. It is the same word used for when God "remembers" his covenant or a person. It indicates that He is about to take action on that person's behalf.

So, what does our trust (remembering) look like with action?

Perhaps remembering all the times he has taken action on our behalf. Remembering to give tithes and offerings. These dimensions put us in God's ecosystem and we rise above the world's economy. ~ Kasey Floyd

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