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Community means sharing...TP

"Contribute to the needs of the saints, and seek to show hospitality." Apostle Paul

"They devoted sharing." Acts 2:42

It started slow, but after a few attempts, Jonny Blue was on a roll. After reading stories about people hoarding necessities like toilet paper, the 33-year-old physical therapist took to the streets with a simple message adorned on a cardboard sign.

Share Your Toilet Paper

read the sign that Blue held as he stood on a busy street in San Diego. He said, "It just inspired me to remind people, listen, if you have a lot of something that probably means there are people who probably don't have very much of it, because you took it all. So, sharing it is probably a good thing to keep in mind." The community response was immediate and enthusiastic. Drivers would stop to hand over a few rolls, and just as quickly, others in need would pull up to receive a few. Blue said, “This guy came here and said he just ran out and was going to a bunch of stores and couldn’t find any. Somebody had given me some, so I gave it to him. He was stoked.”

“I think people want a sense of community. When things are really challenging, people are looking to band together and be unified. It feels like I kind of struck on a common theme where people were thinking, ‘Why are people hoarding toilet paper?’ … It’s a simple thing but it’s something that’s really tangible and really affects people’s lives, and when people saw my sign it really resonated with them.” **

Community comes at a cost. Risk joining in. Risk giving -- and receiving. It's not very
American, but wholly Christian. In these covid days, lone rangers will not thrive...while members of community will. Toilet paper is a small but telling example of what it means to invest in community. We are better together: consider that it's time to link arms with the community of Christ near you, go all in for Jesus and

for His people, warts and all.

Not even close to wart-free, Perry Floyd

**Rob Nikolewski and Hayne Palmour IV, “An Unlikely Hero,” San Diego Tribune (3-14-20)

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