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Identity theft...

For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them. Ephesians 2:10

My car was recently stolen from our driveway, while we were at home! Insult to injury with a dollop of idiocy, my keys and wallet were within said vehicle at the time! Thieves went on a shopping spree with my debit and credit cards. Although the car was recovered two days later, undamaged, I have had to slowly reproduce the contents of my wallet, which contains my ability to identify myself, pay for healthcare, gas, food and the such. And my beloved library card! Many calls were made to cancel cards, replace cards, and challenge spurious charges thieves ran up. New house keys, new garage door opener were obtained, as thieves kept those! Identity theft is a real issue now.

Knowing who you are in Christ is an extremely critical step in the journey to follow Jesus as Lord. Gregory Boyd wrote in Seeing is Believing,"If we are going to manifest the fruit of the Spirit in our lives, we need to know who we are in Christ." He lists 9 truths that occur when the Father places us in Christ -- if you follow Jesus, these are true about you:

  • All that is part of my old self has been crucified. It is dead

  • I am completely forgiven, perfected for all time, totally reconciled to God

  • I am made new, given Christ's eternal resurrected life

  • I'm indwelled with the Spirit of Jesus, made into a temple of God

  • I am seated in heavenly places, made a partaker of the eternal inheritance He purchased for me

  • I am hidden in Christ, and united with Christ, made a participant of the love that flows within the Triune Godhead

  • God the Father completely redefines my state of being: once in Adam, a child of wrath, I now am in Christ, a recipient of His eternal perfect love

  • I am chosen and made holy and blameless in love, with His grace lavished on me in my relationship with God through Jesus Christ

Each of these truths are buttressed with Scripture; I list them so we may consider who we are. My identity in Christ cannot be stolen. Our enemy cannot change my eternity, but he works hard to change my perception of my eternity. For this reason I need to remind myself who I am regularly -- don't you? Ephesians 2;10 reminds me where I came from [origin], who I am [identity], and my reason for being on Earth [purpose]

continues to be...

Nuff said, Perry Floyd

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