• Perry Floyd

Psalm 91 Promises...and you

He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty.

I find 10 promises God expressed, probably through Moses, in Psalm 91:

  1. He will deliver me from the fowler's snare and deadly pestilence 

  2. He will cover me, provide refuge and protection 

  3. I will not need to fear day or night, pestilence or destruction 

  4. I will see the wicked fall, but I will be safe 

  5. No evil will be allowed to befall me, no plague come near me

  6. Angels will guard me in all my ways 

  7. He will deliver and protect me 

  8. He will answer when I call to Him 

  9. He will be with me in trouble, will rescue and honor me 

  10. He will satisfy me with long life, and show me His salvation

These are interesting times, a wonderful and scary opportunity to live for Jesus Christ in the midst of impending fear, possible panic, and confusion about our future.  We need to live in Psalm 91, sixteen outstanding verses to know, sing, memorize, and meditate upon. As I studied this chapter recently, I remembered that my wife Kasey and I have prayed, spoken, and sung these verses many times over our four children as they grew up.  In 2005, when our son Justin left with the Army Guard to spend a year in Iraq, this chapter came to our hearts again and again.  We stood upon those promises:  he came home safe a year later. But I also noticed that we are given four clear paths we are to walk if these promises are to be true for us.  There are conditions, that honestly no cultural Christian, no casual Christian fulfills.  These are serious promises which include serious requirements:

That I say (and live out) a trusting lifestyle with God. "I will say to the LORD, 'My refuge and my fortress, My God, in whom I trust (91:2).'"  I asked myself, "do I rely on Him first, is he my coping mechanism in times of fear and uncertainty?"  "Is Jesus my fortress?"  Do I say it?

That I make Him my dwelling place -- do I abide in Jesus, as he stated in John 15?  As I abide in Him, and Jesus and his words abide in me, these promises are activated. I dwell in Him.

That I hold fast to Him in love -- Is Jesus Christ my primary and most important relationship? Do I love him above all others, and cling (hold fast) to him as the way I live?  Am I clingy?

That I know His Name -- Knowing God's name is to know and experience his nature, his character.  God has many names, many aspects of His personality.  If I know and experience His Name(s), the promises of Psalm 91 are for me. As I do my part in relationship with God through Jesus Christ, he has promised to do his part. I encourage you to conquer and live above the ubiquitous fear permeating our society these days.  We have an opportunity to approach life right now in ways that may startle our neighbors, co-workers, and communities.  I do not mean to live foolishly, with no regard to health concerns or social distancing. We are to be, as Jesus commanded, as wise as serpents, as innocent as doves. Wisdom includes living fearlessly, not recklessly.  Know Psalm 91. Practice Psalm 91.  Repeat it to your family, to your heart. Living wisely, refusing fear,  Perry Floyd

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