• Perry Floyd

What's That In Your Hand?

You remember the conversation: God appeared as a burning bush, Moses approached, assigned the impossible task to free the Israelite nation. During that encounter God asked, "What's that in your hand?" Moses' ordinary shepherd's staff, presented to God, became the most powerful stick in the world. From Exodus emerged a crucial lesson: my ordinary stick, laid before my God, may be used for supernatural purposes.

Jesus taught management (sometimes called stewardship) via parables. You remember the conversation: while answering End Times questions, Jesus told the story of a rich man who left money (talents in Matthew 25, minas in Luke 19) to his servants to be managed in his absence. Upon his return, he met with each servant individually. Two of them heard the awesome declaration, "Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over little, I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master."

Consider this: each of us lives hands full, replete with natural and supernatural abilities, gifts and wealth given to us by our gracious God. What we do with them will determine to an extent our eternal reward. Each will have her own accountability meeting with Holy God to answer, "what did you do with what I placed in your hands?" I encourage you (and myself) to shift time, talent, and treasure more and more into then and less into now. The average American spends $1,100 a year on coffee, or $3 per day. We as a nation spent $72 billion dollars on our pets in 2018, a number which rises annually.

I write not to incur guilt, but to remind. I love coffee and I love my pets. But the meeting on That Day will not be about either; it will be be an evaluation of my management. And yours. May we each live now so as to hear the awesome declaration...

Laying my stick before God, Perry Floyd

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